We offer high aerial complex services, passenger transportation, Off – Shore charge, forest fire fighting, aeromedical transfers and other services.

Today, we have 10 helicopters and an amazing technical and professional team, who are highly specialized and guarantee security and satisfaction to our passengers.

Also, we have our own Maintenance Center and our Motors Workshop (Safran Turbomeca), both applications, maximize the equipment availability and speed up the responses of operational demands.

Our different aplications, transform us in the most modern fleet in the Southern Cone.



  • 2003 Ecocopter borns
  • 2009 Internationalization
  • 2013 Helicopter Emergency Medical Service
  • 2014 Off-Shore Operations
  • 2016 Ecotraining and Ecodrones
  • 2017 Aircrane in Chile
  • 2018 Latest Technology
  • 2019 Start of Operations Ecuador

2003 - Ecocopter borns

We found our Company. We started to give aerial services with high complexity with the purpose to stand out us and being regional leaders.


Ecocopter borns

2009 - Internationalization

Our company start with the internationalization process through “Ecocopter Perú” that has its administrative headquarters in Lima, with operations in Ayacucho.


2013 - Helicopter Emergency Medical Service

Ecocopter, certifies its fleet to perform aeromedical rescues through sanitary resolutions and portable equipment like defibrillators, multi-parameter monitors, stretchers and equipment for traumatism set and others emergencies.

Helicopter Emergency Medical Service

2014 - Off-Shore Operations

We started our Off-shore operations with passengers transporting and oil platforms charge in the Austral chilean zone from the “Posesion” base, in Magallanes region.

Off-Shore Operations

2016 - Ecotraining and Ecodrones

We create Ecotraining with the purpose to innovate and diversify Ecocopter. The “Ecotraining center” use the most modern FTD’s simulators in Airbus B3/H125 and EC135 helicopters.

After years of study, the Ecodrones unit begins to be part of the operations and services through unmanned aircrafts.

Ecotraining and Ecodrones

2017 - Aircrane in Chile

For the first time in Chile and through Ecocopter, begins operating a high-capacity helicopter: The Aircrane (Erickson S-64. All this, before the emergency lived during the worst fire season in Chile.

Aircrane in Chile

2018 - Latest Technology

To the Ecocopter’s fleet, we incorporate one of the most technological and modern helicopter of the world: The Airbus H145, powerful biturbine helicopter that serves for high mountain range operations.

Latest Technology

2019 - Start of Operations Ecuador

Continuing with the internalization that began in 2009, Ecocopter will open an operation in Ecuador so as to be able to carry out all kinds of operations, having its administrative headquarters in Quito, based in Duran, Guayaquil

Start of Operations Ecuador



Alcalde Fernando Castillo Velasco Avenue 7941
Hangar A21B, La Reina
Santiago, Chile.


Paseo de la República 6338, Miraflores.
Postal Code: 15054
Telephone: (+511)444 28 58 / (+511) 2423428


Roca 1044 – B
Postal Code: 6201101
Telephone: (+56) 61 272 2868

Quito, Ecuador

Av NN.UU. E2 -30 e Iñaquito, Edif. Metropolitan, Piso 4 Of. 403
Postal Code: 170135
Telephone: (+593) 2451 3137 / (+593) 2452 1707



Management system that standardizes company processes. Its maximum goal, is continuous improvement in the organization and quality standards.


This system, specifies the requirements for an Environmental Management system. Also, it seeks to control and minimize the effects caused in the environment, as a result of carried out activities of the organization.


This system, specifies the occupational health and safety management requirements, also, seeks to eliminate or minimize the working risk for general or specific tasks.

BARS Basic Aviation Risk Standard Gold
BARS Basic Aviation Risk Standard Gold

Standard developed to meet the need of establish a security evaluation protocol about aviation and common global audit.



We want to democratize the use of helicopters

This implies to adapt the helicopter as a viable and accessible alternative to help people and companies to solve logistics and transport problems.

The term democratize means to give access, it is not a matter of price or “popularity”, but to offer the possibility of using helicopters as a possible means of transport.


We cover the need to provide efficient aerial solutions to solve situations of different complexity. Our target market are companies from multiple industries and people. Our different skills are given in our reputation, our ability to adapt and specialize and to provide specific solutions in a comprehensive way.

  • The concept of an efficient solution is given by the cost-benefit equation, the scope of the service, the environmental efficiency and functionality.
  • We must understand that a quality is our ability to adapt to situations that require specialization.


Be a referent in aerial services on helicopter in a South American level, serving the integral necessities of the market in aerial work, aeronautical maintenance and crew training, giving our clients services that stand out for their safety, quality, sustainability, excellence and innovation and their collaborators the possibility to develop their professional and human competence, complying in an efficient way with the policies and guidelines of the company’s directory.


At Ecocopter we are committed to maintaining a management system that integrates the most important aspects of the company, which allows us to provide air services, maintaining the optimum levels of operational safety, satisfaction of our customers, safety and health at work and with an environment commitment.

Provide air services meeting the requirements of our clients and providing viable and accessible alternatives to help people and companies solve logistic, transportation, training and maintenance problems according to their needs.

Therefore, we promise to:

  • Maintain an Integrated Management System based on participation and permanent commitment to all Ecocopter staff, stakeholders and customers in all the services provided.
  • Maintain a comprehensive and personalized relationship with our clients.
  • Provide services with the appropriate, certified and optimal equipment.
  • Having competent and trained staff, promoting in all our activities a result in accordance with the established quality standards, stimulating the proactivity of our workers in environmental management and safeguarding the safety and health at work.
  • Comply with the legal and regulatory requirements in force, with the quality field as well as environmental matters, safety and health at work, and the requirements of our clients and stakeholders, in accordance to the operations and services provided.
  • Provide the necessary resources for the service execution and maintain the company’s standards, as well as working on the continuous integrated system improvement and on evaluating the performance in quality matters, environment, prevention of injury and deterioration of health always.
  • Develop and apply the Integrated Management System in order to eliminate hazards and minimizing occupational health and safety risks as far as possible and maintaining a safe and healthy working condition.
  • Promote an environmental culture in our workers and stakeholders that distinguishes the environmental responsibility of our company.
  • Execute an environmental management plan linked to current regulations and willing to acquire voluntary commitments.
  • Establish effective emergency and environmental incidents preparedness systems.
  • Protect and prevent the environment contamination controlling and monitoring continuously our processes and managing waste properly.
  • Establish inspections and internal auditssystemsthat allow continuous improvement on the
    required processes for the services execution.