Advertising industry is characterized by creativity and innovation. Aerial media used in this market, are generally traditional, however, Ecocopter deliver options that generate great visual impact and user satisfaction for the great reaches.


We have stood out for providing original and high impact services in advertising matter such as branding development, aerial branding (brand in the sky), exclusive auspices and promotion through different ways.

Additionally, we have an unique and exclusive service: “Helibanner”, a publicitary banner of 1.000 to 1.500 square meters that unfolds as a banner. This high innovation product, use the aerial free space, generating visual secure contacts, media calls and a great PR coverage.


  • Production companies
  • Brands
  • Organizations
  • Events


Our last generation equipment, brings the maximum efficiency and safety to our customers. Some of them:

  • Branding con with high strenght materials and graphic definition/ Representation and Exclusivity Helibanner/ Ground support vehicles/ Fuel support vehicles / VHF/FM and UHF radios / GPS and Satellital telephones / Fleet satellite tracking / Oxygen equipment.