Aeromedical Rescue

The waiting time for medical attention in vital risk case, is fundamental. We have medical emergency helicopters that arrive on time to the rescue site, delaying much less than an ambulance and as a consequence, contributing to the greater probability of survival and aftermaths reduction. This service, is internationally known as HEMS (Helicopter Emergency Medical Service).


In 2015, we started to enable last generation helicopters to give the “Aeromedical rescue service”. This fleet can reach great heights, independent of atmospheric conditions. Also, it has the sanitary conditions and the service, has a profesional staff with a medical director, doctors and nurses. We have realize different rescues and simulacrum, Also, trainings about “How to act in an accident?” and “The aeromedical field rescue”, for those who hire the service.


  • Mining
  • Energy
  • Telecommunications
  • Off – Shore
  • Clinics
  • Medical networks
  • Winter centers


  • Stretchers/ Spinal table/ Immobilization set/ Oxygen support/ Multiparameter monitor/ Defibrillator/ Mechanical ventilator/ Infusion pumps/ Airway and circulation set.