Control of maintenance programming and scheduled and unscheduled inspections, belongs to the aircraft's life; for this, the Aeronautical Maintenance Centers (CMA) exist. Ecocopter has a first level Maintenance Center, located in Tobalaba aerodrome and Magallanes Sub - base.


In december 2014, the Ecocopter maintenance center was certified by the Civil Aviation General Directorate (DGAC) as a Maintenance Center (CMA) DAN 145; that is a new quality standard rule, being one of the first Chilean CMA to obtain this certification.

Within our capabilities list, you can find all the Airbus Helicopters aircraft maintenance EC130 B4, AS350 B3 y EC135 in all their versions. For the engines case, we have the I and II level rating for the Turbomeca ARRIEL 2 engine’s, and we have a workshop with all the special necessary tools to carry out the maintenance tasks. Also, our workshop is certified by France Turbomeca, obtaining the “Certificate Maintenance Center” or CMC Turbomeca.


We administrate your fleet, so the only concern you have is to schedule your flight.

This service, is focused on all those people who are not pilots but have a helicopter or wish to buy it taking away the burden of having to form a company for the aircraft administration, or paying a fixed monthly value, forgetting details.

You just must to woeey about programming where and when to fly: We deliver complete solution adjusted to your needs.


    • Hangar: To keep your aircraft safe in everytime, Ecocopter has modern hangars at Tobalaba aerodrome.
    • Line Service: Before starting the flight, we perform the mandatory pre-flight checking and dispatching your aircraft from the hangar to the platform. Also, upon return, we receive your aircraft and perform the mandatory post-flight check.
    • Logística de Combustible: Carga de combustible en instalaciones Ecocopter o donde lo necesites. Disponemos de vehículos certificados y personal capacitado para el traslado de combustible y carga en terreno.
    • Limpieza Aeronave: Limpiamos de forma periódica tu helicóptero para que luzcas bien a donde quiera que vayas.

    Fuel Logistics: Load fuel in Ecocopter facilities or wherever you need. We have certified vehicles and trained personnel for the fuel transfer and ground load.