The high definition aerial captures, are used in every kind of market, since industrial to scientific and recreational areas. Mainly, movies and documentary producers, tv and companies use this services. Aerial filming, ensures a stable and maneuverable platform, getting the best shots in a fast and high quality way.


Through different filming and photographies taken since the beginning of our operations, our experience is highly specialized about the directors and cameramen demands of the national and international market. We have worked in six Rally Dakar filming, commercials, Hollywood movies, news and events coverage. A big part of our fleet, has the certification for the different filming equipment installation.


  • Sports events.
  • Advertising Spot.
  • National and International films.
  • Documentaries.


We have last generation equipment, this adventage, allow us to give the maximum efficiency and security to our clients. Some of them are:

  • Cineflex certifications, SpaceCam, Straight Tube Camera Mount, Middle Mount, Tyler Mount Camera Mount / Ground support vehicles/ Combustible support vehicles / VHF/FM and UHF radios / GPS and satellite telephones / Satellite tracking fleet / Oxygen equipment.