Every year, forest fire fighting grows in magnitude and surface worldwide quantity. For this effects, aerial services vary depending every geography country condition. Some of them, use large aircraft and others, has more efficiency with smaller and versatile aircrafts.


In every forest fire fighting, we work with water throw to support brigadiers on ground, transporting them  to fire focus. Also, we work in early warning and monitoring declared fires: We have a complete logistic to bring the most quickly, effective and timely service.




  • Brigadiers Trasporting.
  • Launching water on fire sources.
  • Support to public and private entities.
  • Evacuation and Aeromedical Rescue Missions.


We use last generation equipment to bring the maximum efficiency and safety to our clients. Some of them are:

  • Cargo baskets / Remote electric hook / Bearing spindle / Fast Bucket with many  releases and 1.100 liters load capacity/ Load meter / Kevlar lines (20, 50 y 100 feet) / Ground Support Vehicles / Gasoline support vehicles / VHF/FM and UHF radios / GPS y satellite telephones / Fleet satellite tracking / Oxygen equipment.

Helicopter Equipment and Aeromedical rescue:

  • Stretchers / Spinal table / Settlement set / Oxygen support / Multi – parameter monitor/ Desfibrillator / Mechanical fan / Infusion pumps / Air and circulation set.