Heliski is an adventure sport in which the athlete performs off-piste descents using skis or boards, enjoying the virgin snow in places where lifts do not have access. To reach such latitudes, athletes are transported in our Heliski helicopters to different places where the powder snow has an incredible quality, impossible to obtain in the Ski centers. Nature contact and the proximity mountains, are other results in this shocking challenge.


Since our beginnings, we are specialists in Heliski mountain flights and we work with world-class strategic partners, recognized for their quality services.

Our pilots have enough experience on high mountain flights and also, courses in Chile and abroad. We have certified and aeromedical HEMS helicopters for any emergency.


  • Valle Nevado
  • Andes Heliboarding
  • Powder South Heliski Guides


Our last generation equipment, brings the maximum efficiency and safety to our customers. Some of them:

  • Skis and equipment transporting basket /Bearing Spindle /Ground support Vehicles /Fuel support vehicles / VHF/FM and UHF radios/ GPS y Satellite telephones / Satellite tracking fleet / Oxygen equipment.

Helicopter equipment and Aeromedical rescue:

  • Stretchers / Spinal table / Immobilization set /Oxygen support /Multiparameter display / Desfibrillator /Mechanical ventilator / Infusion bombs /Airway and circulation set.