In telecommunications industry, aerial services contribute to connect different territories through construction, installation and maintenance telecommunications antennas.


We have worked in more than thousand sites that needed antennas construction, transporting material and high precision mountings. In the high complex access places, we give support in maintenance antennas, oil supplying, technical assistance and new technologies replacement.


  • Carry passengers (internal and hanging) to difficult access.
  • Evacuation missions and aeromedical rescue.
  • Support in telecommunications engineering.
  • Support in environmental shock studies.
  • Construction and maintenance of Telecommunication antennas.
  • Assembly of camps and site works.


Our last generation equipment, brings the maximum efficiency and safety to our customers. Some of them:

  • Cargo baskets/ Remote electric hook/ Bearing Spindle/ light “capachos”/ (0,4 m3 de capacity) /charge meter/ Kevlar lines/ (20, 50 y 100 feet)ground support Vehicles/ Fuel support vehicles / VHF/FM and UHF Radios / GPS and Satellite telephones /Satellite tracking fleet/ Oxygen equipment.

Aeromedical rescue and equipment:

  • Stretchers/ spinal table/ immobilization set/ oxygen support/ multiparameter display/ desfibrillator/ mechanical ventilator/ infusion bombs/ airway and circulation set.