We support different aerial works in energetic industry. With our aircrafts, we realize traced investigation, towers building, line transmission maintenance and support in the construction of generation plants.


We have experience with generating, transmitters and distributors companies in water, thermoelectric, wind and solar proyects, making possible line tracings, enviromental impact studies, high tension towers building, lines maintenance and people transporting.

Our technology, allows us to film existent lines with geo – position and noexistent lines with digital projection in future towers. Also, we have insulator washing alternatives, and lines and wind generator blades that decrease inefficiency trasmission in generation.


  • Carry passengers, (internal and hanging) to difficult access.
  • Evacuation missions and aeromedical rescue.
  • Engineering support, observation and mining investigation.
  • Geological, geophysical, geomensura and topography support work.
  • Enviromental support studies.
  • Construction of High Voltage Towers / Concrete transfer.
  • Inspection and lines maintenance.


Our last generation equipment, brings the maximum efficiency and safety to our customers. Some of them:

  • Cargo baskets/ Remote electric hook/ Bearing Spindle/ light “capachos”/ charge meter/ Kevlar lines/ ground support Vehicles/ Fuel support vehicles/ VHF,FM, and UHF radios, GPS and satellite telephones/ satellite tracking/ oxygen equipment.

Aeromedical rescue and equipment:

  • Stretchers/ spinal table/ immobilization set/ oxygen support/ multiparameter display/ desfibrillator/ mechanical ventilator/ infusion bombs/ airway and circulation set.